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The Government's press conference on Tuesday 23 March translated into several languages is now posted here:


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Translated press releases from the press conference on Tuesday 23 March have been posted:




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The health Information phone about the corona is available in the languages Polish, Arabic, Urdu and Somali, as well as Norwegian and English. All languages have the same number 815 55 015. There you will get a key menu that takes you to the right language. authorities'


Find also translated information here: (click on selected language)


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The translations are at the bottom of the website: Travel to Norway -



Anyone who travels in an unnecessary leisure trip in a quarantine hotel and pay for it themselves, even if they have their own accommodation where until now they have been able to carry out the quarantine.

The translations are at the bottom of the website: The coronavirus situation: Information regarding quarantine hotels -


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Please note that up-to-date travel information in Norwegian and 19 other languages is also available at Helsenorge: Coronavirus in Norway: Travel advice -


Materials can also be collected at the Directorate of Health's open base for coronary materials containing also more than 1000 different posters, movies, audio files etc. in a total of 35 different languages: Search "journey" then updated posters come up.